8 Metal Roof Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


1. Choosing the Wrong Company to Install a Metal Roof

As of late 2022, there are more than 80,000 roofing contractors scattered throughout the country. Many of them will be able to help you with a metal roof installation project.

But you shouldn’t simply Google “metal roof installation company near me” and hire the first company you can find. You’ll be asking for trouble if you take this approach to selecting a roofing company.

Instead, you should do your homework on all the metal roof installation companies in your area and select the best one of the bunch. It’ll make the metal roof installation process go so much smoother for you.

2. Neglecting to Consider All the Different Types of Metal Roofs

There are so many different types of metal roofs that you can have installed on the top of your home. Some of your best options will be:

Before you fall in love with the first type of metal roofing you can find, you should do your research on all the different types of metal roofs available to you. It’ll help you choose the one that you think will work best on your home.

3. Ordering the Wrong Amount of Metal Roofing

The last thing you want to do is order too much metal roofing or not enough metal roofing for your home. It’ll result in you either paying for materials you don’t need or having to go back and buy more materials later so that your metal roof installation can take place.

It’s another reason why it’s so important to work with a wonderful roofing company from the start. They’ll take the right measurements of your roof and make sure to order the right amount of metal roofing for your home.

4. Putting Down the Wrong Underlayment or Substrate for Metal Roofing

Prior to installing a single metal roofing panel, a roofing company will need to put down an underlayment or a substrate on your roof. They should be able to shed some light on several of the best options for your roof based on everything from the type of metal roof you’ve chosen to go with to your budget.

If you go with the wrong underlayment or substrate for your metal roof, it could cause moisture to work its way down into the lower levels of your roof. This could result in you having to replace a metal roof way sooner than you should have to.

5. Using the Wrong Fasteners for a Metal Roof

If standard screws are used to install a metal roof to a home, it’ll only be a matter of time before this roof springs a leak. There are special metal-to-wood fasteners that must be used to put a metal roof into place.

Of all the different metal roof installation mistakes listed here, this one might be the easiest to avoid. You just need to be sure your roofing company is going to utilize the right fasteners.

But at the same time, you might be surprised to hear about how many roofing companies will cut corners and use standard screws to save a few dollars on their end. You will want them to avoid doing this at all costs.

6. Picking the Wrong Time to Install Metal Roofing

There are certain times throughout the year when it’ll be easier to install metal roofing than others. For example, the winter is often a good time to do it since roofing companies have more availability during the winter months and won’t have to worry about working out in the summer heat on a metal roof.

By choosing to have a metal roof installed in the winter or even the late fall or early spring, you might be able to save a pretty penny on the metal roof installation process.

7. Paying Too Much Money for a Metal Roof

Metal roof installation costs tend to be higher than the roofing installation costs associated with other types of roofs. But that doesn’t mean you should simply accept this and pay a small fortune for a metal roof.

It would be worth shopping around for a metal roof that you know you can afford. You should come up with a budget for buying a metal roof from the beginning and commit to sticking to it right up until the very end.

8. Failing to Learn How to Maintain a Metal Roof

As we mentioned earlier, there isn’t too much metal roof maintenance that you’ll be required to do over the life of your roof. You will, however, need to take a few maintenance steps throughout the year, which will include doing things like removing debris from your roof and inspecting the seams in it.

Don’t be afraid to ask your roofing company how you should go about maintaining a metal roof while you’re having it installed. They should definitely be able to provide you with some pointers that will help in a huge way.

We’ll Help You Avoid These Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

You shouldn’t have to be concerned about your roofing company making any crucial metal roof installation mistakes while working on your home. Our roofing company will see to it that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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