Why a Garvin Metal Roof Is Your Best Choice.

Our metal roofs are exceptionally durable. We have seen them stay strong in high winds up to 140 mph. When other roofs are losing big chunks of shingles, a Garvin roof is staying firmly in place protecting your home, belongings, and people.

Metal roofs last a long time. Instead of the usual 10 to 20 year life of a traditional roof, Garvin Metal Roofs stay strong for anywhere form 40 to 70 years. That's a huge savings over time.
It's probably long enough for you to enjoy your home and raise your children, then sell your home without ever having to worry about your roof or pay for replacement.

Garvin Metal roofs are naturally fire resistant. Metal generally does not spark or catch fire. Ask any fire department and they will tell you fires often start in the roof. Your metal roof can resist lightening strikes and other fire sources far better than traditional shingle roofs.
That not only keeps you and your family safe, it can save home insurance costs. Asks your insurance agent for details.

Garvin Metal Roofs are also naturally insect resistant. That's important in Pennsylvania where we have a lot of farming and open land. Insects are plentiful in many areas. A metal roof doesn't attract termites or vermin that like to eat other roofing material. The next time you see a neighbor replacing their roof due to termites, tell them about the advantages of your metal roof.
Metal doesn't retain moisture like other roofing materials. One of the main sources of trouble in roofs is moisture and rot. It's a huge problem and the reason for many of the roofing designs experts use. Metal solves this problem. A Garvin Metal Roof does not retain moisture like others, thus it can't rot.

Garvin Metal Roofs are extremely energy efficient. They naturally reflect heat to keep your home cool in summer. This can reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 25 percent. Stay cool, enjoy summer and pay less.

Metal Roofs are the environmentally friendly choice. We often use metal roofing that is 25% to 95% recycled material. Today's modern science takes old cars and turns them into shiny, high quality metal roofs. Plus your metal roof can be recycled at the end of its life span. It's the green option many home owners appreciate. Garvin Metal Roofs is working to provide a better future for our children and grand children.

Standard roofing shingles are made from petroleum. It's estimated nearly 20 billion pounds of old shingles go to landfills every year. They ultimately add to the carbon footprint. You don't get that with metal roofs.

Metal roofs are also a better platform for later adding solar energy or harvesting rain water.

High Quality Metal Roofing Materials are Essential

Lesser quality roofing materials leak, fall apart, need costly repair, and have to be replaced early. Yet that is what home owners often get from other contractors. They offer a lower price, then maintain their profit by installing cheap, low quality roofing.

It's the oldest story in roof contracting that never seems to go away. It's vital for home and business owners to make sure they are working with a metal roofing contractor who insists on using high quality materials.

Here at Garvin Metal Roofs we have spent decades developing relationships with the best metal roof suppliers in the nation. You get the advantage of top quality materials with preferred affordable pricing. It's the win-win you need to save money while getting top notch roofing and truly expert installation.

Insist on the trusted metal roof experts at Garvin Metal Roofs. Our team is highly experienced at providing custom installation carefully designed to give your home to the most protection and advantages.

The result is a roof that looks great, performs flawlessly, and lasts far longer without the need for frequent repair. The next time a high wind blows up, you can smile knowing your Garvin Metal Roof will stay strong, secure, and fully protect you and your possessions.

Expert Installation Saves You Money

One of the biggest problems with metal roofs is poor installation. Other roofing companies that don't specialize in metal roofs can make mistakes.

Improper installation can cause a variety of issues when your roof expands and contracts with temperature and humidity. The metal needs to breathe to properly accommodate daily changes. Otherwise panels can loosen to cause a number of problems.

Garvin Metal Roofs properly installs your roof so it stays secure, accommodates temperature changes, and works well to save you money on energy. Even though a metal roof can cost more, you enjoy big savings over time with a longer lasting roof.​

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