Does Metal Roofing Affect Cell Service?

Metal roofs have become extremely popular nowadays both in commercial and residential spaces. They offer homeowners many benefits, including longevity, easy maintenance, and increased property value. However, several questions have been raised regarding their effect on cell service. If you are wondering whether a commercial metal roof may interfere with cell phone reception, continue reading to find out.

Metal Roofs And Cell Service

In general, metal roofs will not affect cell service, provided that the area you live in has proper cell phone coverage. Cell phones are an inseparable part of our lives and it is only natural that bad cell service, including poor call quality, dropped calls or failed texts can be really frustrating. The good news is that metal roofs will never cause your calls to drop or somehow affect the strength of your signal.

What Causes Poor Cell Service?

Undoubtedly, the location of a house plays the biggest role in cell phone reception. When a building is a great distance away from the utility tower, the signal is much weaker. Moreover, localized poor coverage is also, a factor to consider when it comes to bad cell phone signals. In order to verify the strength of the signal in your house, you just have to look at the bars. Normally, if you are averaging 3 bars and more out of 5, the signal is good, and no problems will arise from metal roof installation.

On the other hand, living in an area with poor localized coverage or geographic reception barriers, including mountains, and having a metal roof installed may result in your experiencing a worse cell phone signal. When there is a reason for poor cell phone coverage, a metal roof may amplify it. So, what is the solution? Install a repeater system! This will help fix the issue of poor cell phone coverage, provided that there is a usable signal within range.

The Cell Phone Coverage Situation

Metal roofs are installed in large buildings, including malls, offices, restaurants, and stores. When you walk into such a building, you will rarely have your signal affected. The same applies to residential buildings, which are naturally smaller. The metal roof in a house will only occupy a fraction of the amount of steel used in larger structures. Therefore, if you are able to receive calls, send messages and speak with ease in your favorite restaurant or business office, there is definitely no reason for you to experience any issues when a metal roof is installed on your house.


Now that you have clearly understood that metal roofs cannot affect cell service, we hope you will stop being afraid that you will suddenly come across some frustrating bad signal situations if you wish to install a metal roof. Metal roofs are an excellent investment, offering homeowners a whole lot of benefits.

If you have more questions regarding metal roofing, you can contact a qualified metal roofer, like Garvin Metal Roofs who perfectly understands your worries and questions. Metal roofs are here to stay. So, you can now fully enjoy the beauty and benefits of metal roofing materials, without the fear of having your calls or messages interrupted.