How to Select Commercial Roofing Contractors

How to Select Commercial Roofing Contractors

Did you know that it costs around $30,000 to get a small business up and running? If you’re already balancing lots of financial needs, the last thing you want is to invest in poor workmanship for your business’s facility. And if you’re in the market for a commercial roof replacement, it’s critical to choose a contractor who can offer the right blend of value and quality.

Read on to learn how to select commercial roofing contractors!

Get Estimates from Different Commercial Roofing Services

Before investing in a new roof, it’s wise to get quotes from different roofing companies. Yes, it might be tempting to go with the first place that makes you an offer. But you could save money by exploring your options.

For instance, you may be able to leverage an offer from one place to score a better one elsewhere. Start by asking a roofing contractor to do a free inspection at your building. If a company isn’t willing to do that, then consider it a red flag.

Each company should provide an itemized estimate that shows the breakdown of costs. Ask about additional costs, such as travel fees or debris removal. Some companies may not be upfront about fees beyond the cost of labor and materials.

Just be sure to question any offer that looks too good to be true. A company might try to give you a low price because they lack experience. This could translate into an installation that lacks the quality you want and is riddled with delays.

Consider the Timeframe for the Project

Don’t commit to a commercial roofer until you have a sense of how long they anticipate your project will take. You may have an urgent need for a new roof. For instance, a leak could be causing water damage inside your business.

If a company has taken on more than it can handle, it might not be able to address your needs right away. You could end up needing to wait weeks or longer, especially if you’re in the middle of a busy summer season.

Similarly, a company with a lean staff will take longer to complete a project. An inexperienced company may cut corners and use cheaper materials, too, to meet a tight deadline.

As part of your contract, the roofing contractor should indicate the dates for your project. While timeline hiccups can occur, the company should have a backup plan. Ask what happens when weather delays or supply chain issues disrupt your timeline for a new roof.

Ask About Warranties

good commercial roofer should be more than willing to guarantee their work. They can do this by offering warranties to ensure that your roof can get the repairs it needs. If a roofing company does not offer any sort of warranty, take that as a sign you should look elsewhere.

You should expect that a roofing materials warranty will cover around 20 years or so. In addition, you should ask about warranties or guarantees for work. If a roof has an installation-related issue, you want to be confident the company will take care of it.

Because repairs may be necessary, aim to choose a commercial roofer that’s not too far away. That way, you’ll be able to contact them and receive immediate help if something goes wrong. Make sure you get warranties and other guarantees in writing, as well.

Check for Insurance and Licensing

Does the roofing company you want to hire have insurance and the proper licensing? A commercial roofing company needs to have insurance in case accidents occur. And a license tells you that the company is legally allowed to work.

Ask to see evidence that the company has liability and worker’s compensation. These two policies will protect your business if damages occur or a worker gets injured on the job.

A roofing company that doesn’t provide evidence might lack these important credentials. This puts you, as a business owner, at risk if you hire them. You could end up paying medical bills if a worker falls or sustains another type of injury.

Look at Reviews and Referrals

Finally, take the time to do some independent research on a roofing company’s reputation. Visit their website to see if the company presents itself in a professional manner. Look for evidence of customer testimonials, professional photography, and reviews.

A website also can help you understand the history of the company. If they’ve been in business for several decades and have a larger crew, that means they have the support of the community. A company website that omits information about its level of experience may be trying to hide something.

Websites can be a source of useful information, but look at search engines, too. When you type in a company’s name, you’ll be able to see independent reviews pop up. These tend to be less biased than those you’ll find on the company’s website.

Additionally, ask a company you’re considering for some referrals. They should be eager to provide names of customers who are willing to speak with you about their experiences. If a company doesn’t offer any names, be wary of moving forward with them.

Select the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial roofing contractors should be willing to go the extra mile so you get the roof that meets your needs. Ask about estimates and warranties, and check for insurance before signing a contract. Go online to read reviews, too, and ask a contractor how long your project will take.

When you’re ready to work with the best commercial roofing company, contact us so we can help!