Is Silicone a Good Roof Coating?

Are you considering a silicone roof coating and interested in learning the benefits of having one? A silicone roof coating is a popular chemistry type in the roof restoration industry, and there are good reasons for this. These coatings make a great solution to restore and protect a variety of commercial and home roofing substrates, including metal, concrete, brick, and wood.

Silicone is a durable and flexible material with an application process that can cover a variety of surfaces. Read on to learn more about making an informed decision on whether silicone roofing is the right choice for your home or business!

What Is a Silicone Roofing System?

A silicone roof coating is a layer of silicone sprayed as a liquid or rolled to fill in blisters, cracks, and seams. Its application can take one or two coats.

The underlying system, or insulation, is not improved by the process. However, it provides an extra layer of weather protection.

What Does the Process of a Silicone Roof Entail?

Installing a coating system on your metal roof is a simple procedure when performed by a professional. An infrared inspection will check for any damp patches of insulation beneath the membrane. After removing and replacing the damp portions, the entire surface of the roof is pressure-washed to remove any impurities.

The seams of the membrane get strengthened after applying the primer if priming is necessary. After the existing roof system has undergone all needed repairs, silicone gets sprayed or roller-applied over the entire surface.

A third party, or a company representative, will conduct a final inspection after the completion of the coating system. This step ensures that all required repairs are correct and that the silicone application is of the proper thickness. A final warranty will be available upon completion of all repairs and the application of the silicone gets approved.

The Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings 

Silicone coatings have many advantages, which is why metal roofs often call for them. First of all, they are weatherable and have good general elasticity. They can be effective at shielding a roof from wind and rain, and their flexible nature enables them to accommodate any inevitable movement.

Also, silicone coatings have high thermal endurance, so they won’t suffer from frost damage in the winter or deteriorate in the summer heat. If there is rain soon after application, there is no need to worry as the silicone coating dries off fast. Here are a few more benefits of a silicone roof:

Saves You Money

The cost savings, when compared to the removal and installation of a new roof system is the main advantage of silicone roof coating. Typically, a silicone coating costs $2 to $3.50 per square foot. Costs per square foot for a full roof removal or tear-off and installation range from $4 to $10.

However, a coating system will probably cost more than $4 per square foot as of September 2022 due to rising material costs. Prices are erratic and can change a lot from day to day.

No roof removal is necessary if the substrate of the current roof is dry and stable. Before installing silicone, any damp roof portions get removed and replaced with fresh, dry material.

Extends the Life of Your Roof

If the quality of your roof is generally in good condition, you can increase its lifespan by shielding it from the weather. Because the silicone is in a liquid form and sprayed on, it fills up any cracks, seams, or other weak spots on your metal roof. There are increments of 10, 15, and 20 years for warranties.

Silicone Is Not an Official Roofing System

A commercial building may have a max of two roofing systems following building codes. Therefore, you will need to take off at least one roofing system if you have two roofs and wish to install a new one.

Building codes consider coating systems as “maintenance” rather than brand-new roofing systems. This is a huge benefit.

Reduces Your Energy Expenses

Due to their capacity to keep structures cool, silicone roof coatings are often considered “cool roofs.” Because UV rays are reflected by the bright white hue, less air conditioning is needed to keep the buildings cool, cutting energy expenditures by 35%.

Has a Seamless and Fluid-Applied Installation Process

Your roof contractor applies the silicone coating with a spray gun or, in very windy conditions, by rolling them on. This shortens the installation period for roofs with HVAC systems, drains, pipelines, skylights, and numerous vertical walls.

When installing roofing systems with rolled-out sheets, the membrane must be cut, and a watertight penetration must be made using adhesives, termination metal, and sealants. When you apply a fluid-applied product, there are fewer factors to consider to make a penetration waterproof.

Project Duration Is Short

The disruption of your building’s regular operations or the inconveniences to your family while roof work gets performed on your house is one of the main problems with having roof work done. Installation of a silicone coating can shorten project duration by as much as 30%. This is not only more practical, but it may also save labor costs.

New Manufacturer’s Warranty

A silicone roof coating system applied by a metal roof specialist may be backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. These often have warranties of 10, 15, and 20 years. If none of the following conditions exist:

  • Interference from outside sources, like another roofing contractor damaging your roof
  • A change in operations
  • Structural alterations to the facility
  • An act of God, like a tornado

Silicone Coating Expertise

It may seem like an easy job to install silicone coating because it appears similar to painting the walls in your home. However, it’s not. The silicone coating will not last if the roof isn’t prepared correctly.

How well someone applies the coating can make a difference in coating lasting two months or 20 years. This is why it is important to hire a professional roof contractor or metal roof company with the knowledge and expertise to handle silicone roofing systems.

A Silicone Roofing System Is a Win-Win

You can see why silicone roofing systems are a popular choice for many home and business owners. When considering a silicone roof, your go-to roofing contractor is Garvin Metal Roofs. For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to quality.

We installed many of the lovely metal roofs you see all around town, providing decades of trouble-free service, safety, comfort, and increased property value for home and business owners in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Florida. Contact us or check out our Blog section for helpful information.